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Vogue wants to let you enjoy the best, most comfortable cycling experience

For more than 10 years, Vogue has been successfully producing the best e-bikes and e-cargo bikes for the European market. Quality, convenience, appearance and affordability is what we stand for.

By 2025, Vogue Bike aims to be one of the top 5 best-selling e-bike brands in Europe

Vogue strives for durability and convenience on the bike. Our e-bikes distinguish themselves in appearance, quality and affordable prices for every type of cyclist

De beste e-bikes en e-bakfietsen
Vogue Bike guarantees quality, durability and convenience. At the same time, we believe that electric bicycles should be affordable and fun for everyone. You will therefore find a wide range of e-bikes and e-cargo bikes at our authorized dealers, both on location and online. View all E-bikes at Vogue.

Experience pure driving pleasure
Not everyone is a born cyclist. The electric bicycle is a great solution for many people. You arrive at work or at school rested, no longer bothered by headwind and you use your time efficiently. In addition, you can easily adjust the Vogue Bike e-bike or e-cargo bike to your own preferences. Adjusting the electric bicycle and taking a test ride is no problem at our dealers. Experience the comfort and convenience of an e-bike now. Enjoy years of pure driving pleasure.

The first electric bicycle takes some getting used to for many people, and we totally understand that. That is why we at Vogue Bike start from your experience when you make the choice for an e-bike or e-cargo bike. Discover in your way how the electric bicycle makes your life a bit more beautiful.

At Vogue Bike we believe that quality, design and affordability go hand in hand. We believe: the better your bike, the more often you cycle!
For example, a Vogue Bike gives you pleasure to cycle every day.

Come to our dealer near you and experience for yourself how our models suit you.